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                        Keith Haydon, bio

Bio (more than you even wantred to know):

My love of music was inspired by my father, Leslie Walker.
He played piano, and would gather us to sing, after our
Saturday night baths, just before bed.
Dad used to make up harmony to whatever was on the radio.
It drove me nuts until I realized he was just being creative.

In the 70's, bought my first guitar to play at church, when
"Folk Masses" were popular, and I wasn't.
So, it seemed like th
e thing to do, socially.
The youth group leader sold mr my first electric guitar, and an amp.
For $50.
(A very generous man, that Bruce.)

I have to give a shout out to my brother-in-law, Joe Atwell.
He was the first guy who I ever met who played with real deep emotion.
Joe wrote, as well. Never got enough credit for that, I fear.
I formed a duo, of sorts, with Joe's sister, Donna, and made
my first dollar from performing.

Later, I met Chris Hansen, through some school friends, and we began
to play together. We had a couple good originals, though, and went
to video studio to do a tape, long before MTV...but they messed up the visual, and it never aired.
Chris still plays with as much soul as anyone I know.

I formed a trio,"Three For A Quarter", with Jim McGorry (guitar/voc/harp) and Bob Boyd (Bass/Voc).
To this day, we -still- get together to jam.
I left "Three For A Quarter", and Chris Hansen took my place
and they called themselves, "The Kite Brothers" .
And they were fabulous.

After that, I was in a duo, "Union Label" with Peter Ryan, of Westfield.
Then, I joined the local funk band, "Mass Transit Authority" as the lead guitarist, with madman bass-player, Rudy Wedderburn.

Then I formed a duo w/ guitarist Mark Olier (Art Kritics; 8th Route Army) . We called ourselves, "Two For the Show".

I wrote and produced the music for a theatrical production of, "Winnie The Pooh", at Symphony Hall, in Springfield MA.
The soundman for the show was the same guy who was FOH (front-of-house) mixer for "Janis Joplin and the Holding Company".

I currently perform as a solo musician for the "Ray' Of Hope"
walk for cancer, in Springfieldl.
And for the past several years, I've been playing at the Big E.
I perform solo, but sometimes have the joy of playing
wth my wonderfully talented wife, Barbara.

This website is part of the fun!
Come on in for listen!

PS: If you actually read all this.. bless you !